Another doodle. This one is some sort of farmer muppet man? #doodle #illustration
Snow day doodle. This dude is up to no good. #illustration
Rest in Pizza. #illustration
#tired #sad #illustration
Love while you can! Happy valentines day.
New unofficial “logo” for all the doodles and scrawls I call illustrations!
Insanely jealous of @joshearon’s new Stendig Calendar.
I know it’s a bit early, but I will either forget to post this later or be in bed by midnight. Happy new year everyone. I hope all our dreams come true in 2014.
Couldn’t resist. Had to make a little frankenduder.
'Cause you know, Halloween.
I love Benadryl. 😌 #antihistamine
So I have some new works in the works.